World Creation Studio in collaboration with Xn Quebec and MAPP_Mtl is pleased to welcome COMPOSITE #27

Following the presentations you are invited to join the artists in the video networking rooms. There are rooms reserved for discussion and questions concerning each of the projects – sink in or hop around between rooms.

Van Grimde Corps Secrets

Eve 2050 : L’installation




Designed to exist autonomously or as part of a performance Eve 2050: The Installation features alternative scenarios to the web series on three interactive holographic panels and two sculptures. Set up in a gallery, the panels generate five digital environments that show five facets of Eve, inviting visitors to discover her world.

Projected onto the transparent panels are images of Eve blended with images of the spectators and performers present. These images are filmed, processed and projected in real time, making visitors part of Eve’s story as they play with their own reflections in the virtual mirrors. The interactive devices take visitors into a parallel world. As they explore the space, they trigger sounds emitted by invisible cones. No two people trigger the same sound. Visitors create their own narration through the paths they choose and the surfaces they touch. Each experience is unique. When the dancers are in the installation, the primal body and body of the future are brought together in a dance where living and virtual become entangled to the point of being indistinguishable. The space of the installation, enchanted by dance and technology, invites visitors to become actors in the story of Eve 2050, the narrative thread of an intimate, sensorial and poetic experience.


Artistic Director and Choreographer: Isabelle Van Grimde

Assistant to the Choreographer: Sophie Breton

Performers: Sophie Breton, Félix Cossette, Chi Long, Justin de Luna, Marine Rixhon, Gabrielle Roy

Interactive visual design and editing (Installation): Jérôme Delapierre

Video production: DAVAI

Music and sound design: Thom Gossage

Interactive sound design: Frédéric Filteau

Scenography: Jérôme Delapierre, Isabelle Van Grimde

Interactive panel engineering: Rémi Vigneron

Sculptures « Family Portrait » on loan from the artist Marilene Oliver

Light table from Dissections of Anick La Bissonnière created for The Body in Question(s) of Isabelle Van Grimde

Costume design: Pascale Bassani, Isabelle Van Grimde

Costume research: Jérôme Delapierre, Manon Desrues

Costumes accessories: Marilene Oliver

Production and Technical Manager: Emilie Voyer

Creation and production: Van Grimde Corps Secrets

Coproductions: Agora de la danse, NAC National Creation Fund, Brian Webb Dance cie., Danse Danse, Arsenal Contemporary Art, Canada Council for the Arts – New Chapter, Conseil des arts de Montréal, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec


Residencies: Agora de la danse, Espace Corps Secrets


Original dissemination : 19 — 22 september 2018 – Montreal, Agora de la danse.

Assistant to the Production and Technical Manager: Audrée Juteau 

Stéphanie Morissette



Initially an immersive work in virtual reality by artist Stéphanie Morissette, Méandres has been designed to offer an online experience in the comfort of your home. The experiment offers a foray through the white matter connections of the brain. We move in a mysterious universe. A labyrinth of bundles of fibers encompasses us like a forest to explore. This environment is fragile, it is affected by our presence and our behavior.


Inspired by the research of the Sherbrooke-based company Imeka, which focuses on free water as a biomarker of neuroinflammation, axonal loss and demyelination, Méandres takes us forward in the age of the brain with a poetic interpretation.


From the collaboration between the artist Stéphanie Morissette and the author Pattie O’Green emerged 24 visual and poetic fragments which are unveiled occasionally on social networks and which are added over the days in the web work to immerse us in the immersive and contemplative universe created first for virtual reality. This photographic, sound and poetic experience was carried out with the interactive designer Yannick Guéguen.


Created specifically for the web project, Pattie O’Green’s poetry takes the point of view of light to reflect on her different roles in the work and in life. To enlightenment can mean to open a space or, on the contrary, to surround it. Lighting can make something easier to see, but it can also create blindness. By exploring this polysemy, the author’s texts underline and question the place of light in Stéphanie Morissette’s work, constantly redefined over the course of experience.


The original project was born from the collaboration with the brain imaging company Imeka, the current art center Sporobole and TOPO, it was possible thanks to the financial support of CALQ and the City of Sherbrooke.

Ugo Monticone et Les Éditions XYZ

Traces de Voyages





The world’s first travelogue with augmented reality. To cover 20 years of writing by globe-trotter Ugo Monticone, Isabelle Gagné (MissPixels) created animations and Marc Sauvageau the sound design to transform each destination / chapter into a literary postcard.


Having tested the limits of immersive digital literature, writer Ugo Monticone (winner of a Boomerang Grand Prize and 2016 Numix Prize finalist) was faced with the fact that readers liked the multimedia elements of his works, but enjoyed reading less. long texts on their screens.

To mark the 20th anniversary of his first book, the author wanted to return to the ideal text medium, paper, but without abandoning the innovative immersive digital aspect. The self-managed Travel Traces project has thus become the first travelogue in the world to integrate augmented reality.

Published in 2020, the book Travel Traces covers 20 years of writing in 20 countries. Artist Isabelle Gagnée (MissPixels), a pioneer of mobile art in Canada, created an augmented reality animation for each chapter, combining elements from the author’s archives and original illustrated elements that echo the stories.

Virtual animations offer a reflection on the fragmentary and evanescent aspect of memory. They question the limits of traditional media when it comes to arousing memories (photo albums devoid of movement, texts devoid of images, frozen elements poorly translating the fleeting side of sensations, etc.).

Each animation is accompanied by a soundtrack based on sampling and sound editing of memories related to the countries visited. Music, conversations, atmospheres, sound effects, natural sounds and effects are amalgamated by multidisciplinary artist Marc Sauvageau.

The project will subsequently be adapted in the form of interactive tours offered in exhibition centers, libraries, cultural centers and museums.


First travelogue in the world to integrate augmented reality.

Heartfelt project, self-managed, produced by a team of artists from the Laurentians.

Project which will be presented in exhibitions with augmented reality, a true cultural mediator for the fields of literature, digital art and visual art.

Hamie Robitaille





BEATS is a show and a collective combining contemporary dance, visual projections and sound creation. The use of interactive technologies plays

the role of dialogue engine by allowing communication between the different parties. So, using a connected stethoscope and stick, the movement danced on stage influences the visuals, these parameters then influence the movements, which in turn influence the sound, and so on in an exploratory creative loop, exploring the limits of each discipline.


BEATS is also the ambition to capture the essence of the perpetual cycle of life with rhythm. From the infinitely small to the infinitely wide, from the inherent contrast between the elements to a world that goes too fast, too far, until

finding oneself out of breath without even knowing how, from a first heartbeat, we got there, the themes tackled are evocative by their universality although treated in an intimate way. Through this contemporary approach, the three co-creators (Hamie Robitaille, Stefania Skoryna and Yuki Berthiaume) will attempt to paint the portrait of an overworked society, while infusing it with a touch of optimism and feminity, thanks to their respective artistic sensibilities.


How can one exist without the other? How do actions and reactions

of one modulate those of the other? BEATS is the search for a common territory between and through each other’s language, in order to create something

bigger – a complete artistic experience in front of an audience.

Maxime Damecour / NNVTN




Freeliner is an open source geometric animation program with a focus on projection mapping and improvisation. Freeliner has a set of tools to create groups of line segments and quickly create rich animations based on these lines. It is mainly controlled via a computer keyboard, enabling quick and concise modifications of the animation and allowing for utmost user accessibility. Having evolved into its own domain-specific language, Freeliner is closer to an interactive instrument than an animation program.

Working in the underground music scene with precarious venues which are subject to last minute changes, Freeliner’s initial purpose was to act as a tool that can adapt to all types of event spaces. After 8 years of development, Freeliner is now a rich program that I use daily for my work at Robocut Studio. It is an immensely important part of my artistic practice, whose growth is directly related to the further development of Freeliner itself.

My whole artistic practice is based on innovative digital approaches: finding new ways of interacting with computers and finding new ways for computers to interact with the world. Freeliner is a result of this interaction.

Robot Jaguar Studio

Memory Lane




Memory Lane is a non pharmaceutical digital intervention to help dementia patients regain agency and be monitored remotely. Streaming personal biodata feeding the peaks of visual and sonic datasets to recover sensorial memories.